Friday, 14 December 2007

Liverpool city council condemns cuts programme

Liverpool City Council has just adopted the following resolution over the closure of the Liverpool Blood Centre:-

"That this Council deplores the proposal to drastically reduce the
number of regional blood centres from 12 to 3 so called super centres
to serve the entire country. Council also deplores the inadequate
"consultation" which has taken place over this ill advised and
damaging proposal. Council condemns the potential significant loss of
skilled jobs and reduction in workforce size which will result if this
proceeds unchanged. Council also notes that this will severely stretch
the current close working relationships between the regional centres
and local hospitals.

Council recalls that the previous rationalisation of the National
Blood Service by the Tory Government in the 1990s was opposed by all
members on the City Council and calls for all party support against
this risky and unproven Labour Government proposal which is driven
purely by the desire to cut costs, possibly as a prelude to potential
privatisation of this profitable service. Council also requests all
Merseyside MPs to strenuously oppose this stupid plan."

[The agenda for the Liverpool City Council meeting is online here]

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