Saturday, 13 October 2007

New download: Blood Service Chat flyers

Now available - flyers for Blood Service Chat. Staff please print out, photocopy and circulate around your co-workers like a highly contagious virus...

Click here

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

More press coverage

Nursing Times (25/09/07) ran a story on the turmoil in Donor Services following director Richard Fry's bullying of NBS staff.


And a concerned member of the public helps to spread the word about NBS lab cuts via the local newspaper letters page.

(Birmingham Mail, September 27th 2007)


Blog updates!

Announcing some new updates and links for this blog.

* Blood Service Chat is a brand new message board - for NHSBT staff, by NHSBT staff.
Get to know each other, have a laugh, share problems and advice, or generally moan and rant (anonymously) about anything. Friends welcome.
BSC was inspired by the massively successful Royal Mail Chat, which has helped posties build unity and communication during the hard times of their dispute with Royal Mail bosses.

For the staff, by the staff!

* Two new campaign resources are now available to download. Please make copies yourself and help to distribute them both.
This is an up-to-date leaflet aimed at donors, patients, other healthworkers and the general public.
Here is the September edition of the NBS Worker, a new shop-floor staff newsletter. It is hoped the NBS Worker will help to bridge the information gap between centres and sectors, which existing news bulletins from the top are failing to do. Staff please get involved with contributing anything you want to - this newsletter belongs to you.
Links also added to the panel on the right.

* An additional resolution passed by Amicus staff in Manchester has been added to this post about the new proposals for testing in Bristol.
Thanks to a combination of solidarity from colleagues in other centres, and rational and assertive negotiating by staff-side reps, most of the major problems with the orignal drastic proposal have been binned - payments will be kept at the present level, the 6 day week is gone, and hours are improved. Some problems do remain with non-standard hours, but the new set-up has to pass a ballot of the Bristol Amicus membership before it goes live.

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