Sunday, 27 January 2008

Campaign update

The strategic review of the centralisation proposals is now complete, and NHSBT management will announce their intentions on February 1st.

In recent weeks, city councils have added to the pressure in opposition by coming out against the plans to close local processing and testing labs. In Birmingham a petition signed by over 7000 angry local residents was handed into the leader of the council. Even more local authorities have declared that if the review does not reconsider the cuts, they too will fight the proposals.

When parliament returned after the Christmas break this year, supporters of the campaign joined forces to greet Health Secretary Alan Johnson (ultimately responsible for decisions relating to the NHS) with a huge number of phone calls and emails protesting the cuts. With a high volume of calls on this issue, from not only this country, but as far afield as the US, Canada, and Poland, there could be no mistake that this issue matters to the public.

traffic jam

Meanwhile we have seen more evidence of why only 3 centres is too risky to accept, as a blood van was caught up in an accident on a motorway in the West Country:

Read the story here.

The support campaign is growing massively via the networking site facebook. The links below take you to various ways to keep informed of campaign news, and help to spread the word about the threatened cuts and the fight to stop them.

Save Our Blood Service facebook group (nearly 1000 members - please join and invite your friends)

Save Our NBS facebook profile (add as a friend)

Save Our National Blood Service ‘Cause’ application (please join and help to recruit)

Finally here is some satire which was written by one of the campaign’s supporters - a spoof interview with Fred Fullogarbage, chairman of a new conglomerate formed after a merger between our National Blood Service and the crashed bank Northern Rock…

A glimpse of the future?

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