Sunday, 3 February 2008

Birmingham solidarity demo - 31st January

Here are some pictures (click for larger version) sent in of the solidarity demonstration held in support of the long-serving lifesavers of the Birmingham donor testing lab who were made 'redundant' on 31st January, as their work was shipped off to the overloaded Bristol centre.

Birmingham NBS staff are proud to call you colleagues and friends.

Bham protest

Bham protest

Bham protest

Bham protest

Bham protest

The message

See more here

Info coming very soon on the outcome of the strategic review!

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At 3 February 2008 at 23:53 , Blogger mark said...

Good work in marking this issue - but couldn't you put in a collective grievance and put up a fight?
What were the problems and achievements?

At 5 February 2008 at 13:12 , Anonymous Arrowhead said...

You have my complete support.
From a member of the Oxford Platelet Immunology staff made redundant in 2006.
Try for a grievance and collect detailed information. Use the FOI office extensively. The management are extremely reluctant to release information particularly email.
Best Wishes.

At 5 February 2008 at 22:12 , Blogger NBS SOS said...

Mark - the NBS does not allow the lodging of collective grievances/disputes on 'matters of organisational change'. Believe me it has been tried. The struggle is very much ongoing so your suggestion that the staff are not putting up a fight is wrong. The NBS has not left very many options on the table to oppose cuts. But all of those few options will be used. Watch this space.

At 15 February 2008 at 13:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any info on the H&I closure at Colindale? This dept. was to be developed only 18 months ago! Look back at previous closures within the NBS and expose some of the justifications for the closures ie PI work to be undertaken at H&I Colindale, now its closing!!!!

At 13 February 2009 at 14:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which I'd found your blog earlier! I was one of the staff fighting the closure at Newcastle, if I'd known you were demonstrating tomorrow I would have come down to join you.
Good luck, I'll be thinking of you x


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