Monday, 27 August 2007

Top NBS strategy man's head rolls

NBS staff have been musing at the surprise news that Chief Executive Martin Gorham would take early retirement last month.

Following almost 40 years in the NHS and nine years as Chief Executive of the National Blood Authority, and more recently NHSBT, Martin Gorham will be stepping down as Chief Executive at the end of July. Having completed the first phase of the development of NHSBT since its inception in October 2005, Martin has decided that now is an appropriate time to retire.

I would like to offer my thanks, and those of the NHSBT Board, to Martin for his years of outstanding commitment to the NHS in general and to the Blood Service in England in particular.

Bill Fullagar

13th July 2007

On first hearing this is an unusual development. It certainly points to weakness and division within the Board of Directors. This is a strange time for one of our bosses to choose to jump ship, right in the middle of a supposedly flagship modernisation drive. Why would he not choose to hang around and soak up the praise from the Department of Health for a job well done at the end of it all?
Clearly the directors have been having disagreements, and some kind of internal power struggle which has caused Gorham to either offer to step down, or be pushed out...

gorpic 001
NBS workers in Birmingham wave a tearful goodbye to their dear leader

On top of the already good news about the strategy review, this points out again how in the face of widespread opposition, the policy-makers are struggling to show a united front. If we pull out all the stops to work together, we have a great chance to influence the plans for the Blood Service from here on. We will keep up the pressure on the rest of the Board and the new Chief Executive Clive Ronaldson. By being organised as NBS workers and as service users, we will give them no choice but to properly consult with us.



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